Tandem Suspension Pre-trip Inspection

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Journal, trucking | 0 comments

Today we focused on memorizing the suspension parts of the trailer tandem wheels.

Repeatedly running through the verbiage for a pre-trip inspection is helping us to learn the names and locations of parts that are critical to the safe running of the vehicle.

The memorization also ensures that we know what a healthy part looks like. For example, on a suspension with spring arms or leaf springs we would point and identify the spring hangers and say:

The front and rear spring hangers are properly mounted and secured.
The are not cracked, bent, or broken

The leaf springs are properly mounted and secured at both ends.
They are not cracked, bent, or broken
And none are shifted.

And so on.

Fortunately, many parts share the same qualities of being properly mounted and secured, and not cracked, bent, or broken. So parts of a similar nature, e.g. hard metal, can be grouped into categories that make it easier to remember.