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Man Sitting with Cats

Man Sitting with Cats deals with loneliness and feeling stuck in life and not sure how to proceed.

A man sits in a chair, thinking heavy thoughts and supporting his head with his right hand. All around him are cats, nuzzling and scampering up and down the man and chair. The cats try offering reassurance to the man, but he is not receptive.

This is a very personal piece that editorializes a difficult time in my life. I was feeling creatively stuck and without money in a new city without a support network of friends and other artists. I was staying with a couple of family members and in the evenings I would often sit in this plush chair, watching TV with them. We had two kittens, Mabel and Boyd, who liked to jump up on the chair, sit in my lap, rub against the back of my neck, purring and just being cuddly. I wanted to enjoy the moment, but was just too caught up in ruminating about my situation.

Man Sitting with Cats Diptych


Man Sitting with Cats Diptych Left
Man Sitting with Cats Diptych Right
Man Sitting with Cats Journal Sketch
Man Sitting with Cats Drawing Left
Man Sitting with Cats Drawing Right
Me and Mabel
Me and Boyd

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