Artist’s Statement

I love a good tragedy. Indeed, themes of personal turmoil are at the forefront of my work, exploring how individuals both cause and endure calamity, and the ways in which they navigate the aftermath.

I deliberately choose animals as subjects, firstly for their expressive qualities, but more importantly, by virtue of their freedom from the forces of free will and moral consequences, animals unwittingly provide the perfect foil for exploring the human condition. By projecting human behavior onto these creatures, unexpected contrasts are created, inviting the viewer to examine their own responses to the forces of good and evil.

I create surreal allegories through the use of figures sourced from different contexts, playing with scale, time, light, and space to depict the relationships between them. Using oil or acrylic paint on canvas, I aim for a realistic rendering of these figures to create a sense of familiarity that allows the viewer to identify with the narrative and process their own interpretation of it. My hope is that through this process, my work will not only tell a story but also inspire a deeper inquiry into the forces that shape our lives.